Thursday, October 17, 2013

Benishek Votes To Fund Obamacare, Tells Constituents His Fighting Obamacare

Our electeds really must think we are stupid. Michigan Congressman Dan Benishek sold us out and voted yesterday to end the shut down and continue to fund Obamacare without any delay to individuals, while corporate donors and special interests got their delay. And Congress, Senate and the President are all exempt from Obamacare Then he has the audacity to write this on his facebook page

"l will continue to fight to get America's fiscal house in order and work to replace Obamacare. The nation's deficit while, still unacceptable, is the lowest it has been in five years and President Obama will never have the blank check that he once had again. Although the progress has been slow, I’m determined to continue fighting because some fights are worth having—I think preserving the American Dream for our children and grandchildren is worth it."

Benishek your days are numbered. This is twice you voted to continue funding Obamacare! 

Conservatives are uniting across this state and across this country! We will be voting out those that do not adhere to constitutional principles